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Monday, January 14, 2013

Down and Out and Delightful Pleasures

The Christmas tree, that is. It looks so forlorn out by the road for the garbage man to pick up. You served us well my friend!

Flyboy and Little Bride to Be were here for supper on Saturday. It was warm enough, so we grilled marinated chicken. I made a pasta salad full of fresh veggies and some deviled eggs to go with the  grilled chicken. It was so nice to have something grilled - yumm!

I draped these silk flower rose garlands on the windows in my studio. I'm loving the touch of romance that they add to the room. It's nice to peek in when walking by and see them embellishing the lace curtains. It's been awhile since I spent time in here, but I plan on remedying that. Valentine's is coming fast and it's one of my favorite things to craft for. All that yummy romantic fluff, lace, frills, sparkle and bling? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

We've been surrounded by fog these past few days with the warm temps, but tonight it's supposed to get cold and sleet. I'm glad that it's supposed to be over and out of here by the morning. I wouldn't mind it if I didn't have somewhere to be (work), but messy winter weather is not fun to drive in.

I'll be pulling out my Valentine decor (such that it is) this week. At least that's the game plan, you know how life goes. You plan and plan and plan and then it goes totally off track. It's these little detours that sometimes bring us the most delightful pleasures.

Wishing you delightful pleasures!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I remember the days of hauling the tree out to the curb. Have not had a real one in years due to allergies.:/ Your dinner sounds yummy!

Jane said...

Valentine making is a delightful pleasure, isn't it?
Sad to see the Christmas tree all forlorn, and then funny to scroll down and see "345 days until Christmas" - eek!
xo Jane

Susan said...

Hi Leann. Oh, I'll bet your roses look sooooo pretty.

Christmas is ALMOSt all put away here.

We've had tons of fog, too. Feels like living in the twilight zone. ha!

Take care, Leannn. Susan

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love the roses against the lace!!
Yes, we have had fog here too. I drove up to the Chrismtas Tree Shop on Sat. morning and could not see more than a foot in front of me!!

Margaret said...

I still have my tree out on the porh and in the stand (no decorations) he birds are enjoying sitting with in her as they wait for their turn on the bird feeder.
Yummy Grilling! Have a great day!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

That "Down And Out" part of your subject line, had me scared!!!! Flu worries! But it's just the tree! Wheeeew...

Our tree just has to be wrapped up and brought upstairs. :-)

Oh I love the roses on the lace!!! What could be more lovely, than this?!?

Oh and I am finally telling you how I love, love, love your new Icon picture! LOVE it!


Denise Marie said...

I gotta get my Vale. on too.

McVal said...

Oh the tree looks so lonely out there! Rejected...
Our tree is still sitting in two big boxes in my dining room.. waiting to be either taken out to the garage or a fixit guy for the plugs to get repaired.

Jeanie said...

It's time for me to bid farewell to (most) of Christmas -- some stays -- and get ready for Valentine's Day. I did make Valentines on Sunday -- that was fun and I did a lot! Wish I had more time to play these days!

Jori said...

Poor tree. :( I'm sure it had some good times!! :) Love your roses!

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