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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dad's Handmade Birthday Card

Some of you may remember this old photo of my Dad (I've shared it before). I used it as inspiration for this year's birthday card (below). He'll be 71 on the 19 of this month. I usually have everyone here for a combo birthday dinner  for my parents. My Mum's birthday is March 8 and she'll be 67. I'm so lucky to have the most wonderful caring and loving parents, they've always been my cheerleaders.

Speaking of cheerleaders,Vee asked me to share some old photos from my cheerleading days. I'll have to ask my Mum if she has any. I think Mr OP may have one or two somewhere, he liked to take photos back in the day. If not, I'll have to dredge out the old yearbook. I think that it's in the top of our barn.

I addressed all of our Valentine's cards and I am headed to the post office tomorrow to mail those as well as a few birthday cards. The only thing wrong with going to the post office is...going to the post office. I don't know about your post office, but ours is sooo slow-mo! Talk about feeling frustrated.

I've got a baby shower to go to this Sunday. It's about 1.5 hrs away so I'm hoping that the weather is nice. I'm going with Linda, she and I work together and is one of my good friends. The Mother-to-be is the daughter of one of our best friends. I'm so happy for Abbie (the mother-to-be) and April (the Grammy). This isn't her first grandchild, she has two in Germany that she doesn't get to see often. This one will only be a few hours away from her, but I'm sure that the miles won't be an issue.

What do you have planned for the weekend?


Vee said...

Nothing planned...we always fly by the seat of our proverbial pants. Didn't mean to make finding the cheerleading photos such an exercise. LOL! I do know how it is, though, and might have figured it out in advance.

Susan said...

Awwwww, have fun at the shower, LeAnn.

We are supposed to get a big snowstorm on Friday but we're quite far from you so, hopefully, it will miss you.

Cute card, too. Susan

Barbara F. said...

We're supposed to get snow Friday night into Saturday a.m. so I am not making plans, I'll decide Sat. afternoon. I haven't been to a baby shower in such a long time. Have a good time Sat. xo

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Early Happy Birthday Wishes to your parents!!!!!!!

Oh yes! Cheer leading pics!!!!!!

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Oh, yes, I'd like to see the cheerleading pictures, too!
This weekend we celebrate my niece's 18th birthday, and go to the gym, and church and LifeGroup, and relax, too.
Have a great weekend, Leann!

podso said...

Nice card. You do such good work!

shamraiz said...

I love all the fun layers and the super cute image. LOL! I do know how it is, though, and might have figured it out in advance.
Plastic card Printing

1CardCreator said...

Sweet card, you are so fortunate to have such a loving family! ~Diane

Laura said...

Your Dad looks so sweet! He reminds me of my Massimo.
Don't little boys just melt your heart?


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