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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taking Stock

I've been needing to take stock of a lot of things in my life. My health for one. A lot of you know that I have fibromyalgia, it can really take a toll - both physically and emotionally. It's hard to not let one effect the other.

Creating art is definitely a release, but there are times when even that seems like a chore. I do love it though. Everything about it...buying supplies, reading and learning about new techniques, and the creative process. I can't get enough.

I've also been taking stock of my life goals. There are so many things that I want to accomplish. The best thing that I've ever accomplished (side by side with Mr OP of course) is raising our sons to be wonderful men who love God, and their fellow man. They are kind, generous, loving, independent men who make me smile whenever I think of them.

As far as literally taking stock of things...the garden and the winter damage that all of these snow storms have wrought is overwhelming. We lost a love of shrubbery and tree limbs. I know that it's not as bad as some, but it will take extra work and money which I don't want to spend.

Another thing that has been weighing on my mind lately is the passage of time and losing loved ones. Now is the time to make time for others, and stop putting things off because I'm busy.  Life is too short and friends and family are too important to miss out on. I want it all, the big moments and the little ones...ones that make you laugh and make you cry. These moments and memories help to makes us who we are and who we want to be.

Sorry the ramble at the end, I'm not ever sure if it makes sense.


1CardCreator said...

Beautiful journals and cards Leanne. You have much to be proud and thankful for. Good that you are choosing to dwell on the good things now. Big hugs, ~Diane

McVal said...

You make the most gorgeous cards! I'm so sorry you've had to make a sympathy one tho...

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

It's good to stop and take stock ...my Sweetie's heart attack made me realize I want to spend as much quality time with him and my family as possible.
Praying for your health to improve and that you will find the perfect balance. (())

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Always enjoying seeing your beautiful creations. You do have a lot to be thankful for. What you are saying does make sense. I also have been taking a another look at things going on in my life and hoping to make some positive changes soon.
Enjoy your evening.

Linda said...

I am glad you shared this, thank you. I have osteoarthritis and have had for over 20 years now. These cards are really beautiful. Sending you a hug.

Margaret said...

You and I are on the same page. I also have been thinking of the very things you mentioned. I have a life list as well and I am re evaulating things in my life, trying to realize what is really important, adjusting to life without some loved ones, and hoping that my two children ages 15 and (almost) 9 don't grow up too quickly, I just turned 49 the other day and I've been lost in thought about these things! You are not alone my friend! Sending you hugs and prayers. Maggie

podso said...

You make complete sense and you have expressed well what probably many of us feel or are thinking about. The important thing is you are thinking about it!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Of course it makes sense, and at times you need to express it. Our family has gotten smaller and I miss that alot. I feel the same way, and hope that I too, can make some life changes. :)


Emma Pearce said...

What a wonderful post and one I think we can all relate to. Living with a lifetime illness does take its toll and it is so easy to become disheartened but you are remaining positive and your artwork is gorgeous just like your soul. Your greatest achievement is one that is amazing above all others. Children are gifts from God, gifts that if we look after well will give us endless love and happiness and it sounds like you have been incredible xxx much love to you xx

Susan said...

Hi Leann. Oh, your post definitely made sense.

I think we all take stock every so often and determine what is important and what isn't.

Life is so fleeting so it's imperative that we savor each second, as much as possible.

Things changed dramatically for me when I let go of full time employment. I still do part-time jobs (a few of them) but have time in between for ME! I love that feeling of freedom and independence, even though there's certainly not as much $.

Oh well, we all must make our own choices.

Your cards are beautiful. Susan

Vee said...

Yup. It makes all the sense in the world. I have been baking all morning for a Celebration of Life service tomorrow. Such things give us pause.

Jeanie said...

You make perfect sense. And I relate personally. I retired because of health and ironically I've hardly been sick since. I think the stress just took over my body and while I'll always have my underlying chronic disease, I find myself enjoying life and accomplishing things that had been on hold for so very long. My "word" this year is NOW. It came from doing as you are -- taking stock, looking at what I loved, what was neglected, what must be done, what I need and what I can release. It's a day by day thing and some are more successful than others -- but you are exactly the right spot.

And yes, I understand what you mean about loving to do the art but sometimes it's just too much physically or emotionally.

Hang in there. This wretched winter will soon pass (though here ehre in Michigan it doesn't look like it!)and if nothing else, the light will help some! Daylight savings tomorrow!

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