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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wall to Wall

Flyboy and our Happy Homemaker have a huge wall in their kitchen and they are trying to decide how to decorate it. He asked me to give them a few ideas. I told them that the items have to be large enough to a make a statement.

I also told them to look at pinterest and other on-line websites that show kitchens - Pottery Barn, etc. They may see something that inspires them. Our Happy Homemaker is a little more country than I am, but she does have eclectic taste

Since it was such a beautiful day on Saturday Mr OP and I went to Kutztown. I took photos of some large kitchen items just to show the kids what's available. I loved everything in site, but Mr OP (the sensible one) kept asking, "How will they hang it?"

Don't you just love these big copper kettles? I picture them being used to make apple butter. What about you? Sorry about the quality in these photos, I took them on my cell.

We had such a great day. We left here at 7am and didn't get home until 3pm. We had a late lunch at Yoder's Country Market - their lunch buffet is delicious. We were so stuffed that we didn't eat supper that night. The only thing that we bought at the Farmer's Market was a glass mug  - it was actually Mr OP's big purchase of the day...just $1. I'll share photos of my big purchase later this week.

Do you have any ideas for the big kitchen wall?


Vee said...

Pinterest and Houzz are two great places to look for ideas. They'll have such fun creating home. Any time that your big purchase is $1, it's good retail therapy. =D

Linda said...

Pinterest is a great place to find things! Dollar stores are great, too, because even if you don't purchase anything at the time, there are plenty of great ideas there.

Emma Pearce said...

This place looks incredible! It is like walking back in time into a western, these items would make any kitchen look fabulous xx

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a fun day -- and I would have loved visiting that spot! Can't wait to see what you found!

Nellie said...

It sounds like a good day! We really like Yoder's, but the one in our area (more than an hour away) doesn't have a buffet. In the past, I've enjoyed working jigsaw puzzles which are framed and hanging on the wall. Something that shows a hobby or collection would be good for that wall.

1CardCreator said...

Such pretty things, and my walls are bare for now! ~Diane

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