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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weird and Wacky Weather

Temps that almost reached 70 degress today, rain and high winds tonight and temps predicted for 29 tomorrow. Talk about weird and wacky! Then back up into the high 50's for Saturday. These kind of temperature swings make me think about germs and sickness.

That's probably because I was home sick on Monday. I felt horrible and had a terrible headache. I felt a little better yesterday, but Mr OP's got it now. I just hope that we are both feeling better for our niece's wedding this Saturday. 

These vintage signs were a few more kitchen ideas for the kids. Our Happy Homemaker loves wine so I'm thinking maybe vintage or repro wine signage would be cute too. They'd rather go vintage so that it's not cookie cutter decorating.

Flyboy took me out for lunch today. It was spur of the moment and a nice surprise. Speaking of flying...this eagle is made of tiny pieces of origami. It was so cool in person!

Well I'm off to visit some of you before heading to bed. Hope that the weather in your neck of the woods is all sunshine and warmth!


Vee said...

Weather here is whacky as well. I just heard the house creaking in ways I have never noticed before. The wind is fierce and the sleet is pinging. Supposedly, there'll be a change to snow. I think of illness, too, with weather swings like this. Hope that you ate both up and at'em soon with no need to miss a wedding!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You are getting the crazy weather that we are also. 77 yesterday, and a damp, cold 50ish today - not sure what it actually got up to as stayed in dealing with inside "stuff".
Hope you and your husband feel better soon. Lots of viruses and whatever going on around here also.

Linda said...

I hope you continue to feel better. I love the signs in that first photo! Great memories from days gone by.

Jenny's Heart said...

Crazy weather here too.
I love the signs my kitchen decor is mostlty coca cola.
Have a great day my sweet friend.

podso said...

We have had similar weather down here in the south. The winds are something else. Makes you think of "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."And it's cold today here too. Hope you are all feeling well soon!

Jeanie said...

Tell me about it. Great weather earlier this week. I wore just a vest over my sweater, no coat, and was warm at that. Last night we were way sub-zero. They were saying 20 below but I think that was windchill. When I cam home from the gym at 9:30 it was only 4. Well, this one is one for the books!

Glad you were able to lunch and hope by now you are feeling much better indeed!

1CardCreator said...

WE were 50 yesterday and today back to 18, what a year! Hope you feel better soon. ~Diane

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